Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Delirium 2013 Eng.DVDRip.Dual Audio Download Movie Torrent

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Delirium (2013)

Year: 2013
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Director: Ihor Podolchak
Starring: Volodymyr Khimyak, Lesya Voynevych, Petro Rybka

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Delirium torrent

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Plain funeral procession moves along the path from the church to the cemetery. Monitoring will slip from reality into a place where time has lost its linearity, looping through strange images thrown at distorting reality. Pictures of absence, the death issue different reflections on both past and future, abstract yet concrete but terribly desirable. A young psychiatrist asks a family guest in circumstances untangle their fathers illness. Hes developed suicidal fixation of ropes and knots, among other things. While deeply involved in a delirium anailísa patient, the doctor begins to lose track of what's going on. How to help a task in which I have twisted? Doctor or patient? This guest member family could suffer, or Catholic priest who dreamed up all this? In order to get a handle on it, its best to start from scratch, but why things have changed, are changing?

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